Rova LT 2 Rod Combo

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This is the perfect kit for the stealthy angler who needs a setup they can use for all close-mid range work. It contains a perfect two rod set up for the angler who wants to creep up to the margins and drop rigs tight to cover or flick solid bags to showing fish at short to mid range. 3lb TC rods are perfect for hitting big fish under the rod tip as the soft tip action will absorb those initial head shakes and keeping the hook in place before that first powerful run. Compact 7000 size reels are the perfect size for 10ft rods, capable of putting a bait out to distance if required but small enough to fish under the rod tip and not look bulky. The ROVA LT landing net pole with twist lock system is ideal for tight swims at its shortest length when lateral movement for netting fish is at a minimum or fully extend to get over marginal weed to net your catch with ease. The ROVA LT kit deserves a place in your tackle assortment.

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  • 2 x JRC ROVA LT 10ft 3lb TC Rods
  • 2 x JRC RV7000 Reels
  • 1 x JRC ROVA LT Twist Lock Net Pole
  • 1x ROVA LT 40" Net
  • Stalking set up for the stealthy angler
  • Extendable rod technology for compact transport
  • Twist Lock landing net pole, perfect for tight swims/boat work
  • 40" Carp friendly mesh net
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