For perfect bait placement and hard to reach spots, more and more carp anglers are using small fishing boats. Giving you a distinct edge, a quality carp fishing boat provides extra distance and accuracy when baiting up or feature finding, and can be indispensable when fishing larger venues such as gravel pits or big rivers. Tough, stable and reliable, JRC provides ideal inflatable fishing boats for use with or without a motor.


Sold complete with light but strong oars, carry bag and pump, JRC’s carp fishing boats are a fantastic addition for any big water carper’s arsenal. With heavy duty materials, a marine grade plywood seat and easy to grab handles, these sport fishing boats are tough, practical and easy to use. Whether you need to boat out a bait plus loosefeed, free a weeded fish or investigate hard to reach spots, the JRC Extreme Boat is the ideal tool. Sold in two sizes and capable of housing a motor and anchor, this is a great system to take your fishing up a level this season!